On average, 80 percent of an organization’s information is contained in files and messages, many of which are frequently on the move between people, systems, and applications both inside and beyond the enterprise firewall. To facilitate this movement of data, many organizations rely on expensive dedicated networks and proprietary software, or may reluctantly be living with a ticking time bomb made up of countless unsecured and unmonitored FTP, homegrown and point-to-point connections.


Either way, the situation isn’t good. Not only are both scenarios difficult to manage, they are also potentially dangerous. Because if you can’t monitor and track how files move throughout your trading community—from start to finish—the risks and repercussions can be serious and far-reaching, including:


  • Data losses and breaches..
  • Regulatory violations and fines..
  • Missed business opportunities and unmet SLAs..
  • Damaged brands and customer/partner relationships..


To mitigate these risks and gain more agility and value from your existing IT assets, you need to be able to secure and manage all types of file transfer, and provide information about file transfer events in the right context, to the right people, at the right time.


Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions provide start-to-finish visibility, policy-based governance, and robust community management for secure, auditable, and easy-to-manage Business-to-Business (B2B), Application-to-Application (A2A), and ad hoc file exchange within existing infrastructures.



Transforming network file transfer – From specialty application to infrastructure pillar

Turn your data transmission cost center - Into a productive, cost-reducing business unit

Positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant – For Managed File Transfer


Axway MFT solutions offer:


  • Visibility and analytics tools that deliver real-time views into business processes.
  • Full process encryption, detailed audit trails, logical naming of files across platforms,

and an adaptable architecture that can support new security standards and multi-domain,

multi-network trust models.

  • Automated provisioning of communication endpoints for partners and customers.
  • Policy-based content filtering and encryption for systematic and ad-hoc file transfers to

ensure that human error does not cause a breach of confidential data.

  • Digital certificate management, validation, and authorization checking for security-intensive PKI-based transaction networks.


Key Benefits:

  • Improve business flexibility and boost productivity with file-based application integration and multi-site file transfer
  • Integrate your business with your trading and customer community leveraging secure B2B communications channels
  • Speed time to market through robust community management
  • Manage and secure ad hoc file exchange with user-friendly email and portal-based MFT
  • Your solution, your way with a flexible architecture and deployment options