StarCat was designed to address the issues of large-scale computer management. IT Support can quickly initiate remote support sessions to get problems resolved in a responsive manner. Hardware and software asset management is automated, with utilization reports available as needed for efficient license allocation and purchasing plans. The risk of unauthorized and illegal software can be managed with BSA compliance reports and alerting when new hardware and software is found on the network. StarCat reduces the costs, time and manpower with centralized and rapid software & patch deployments.


With large networks, even implementing computer management software can have its challenges. However, StarCat addresses these implementation issues with a very scalable design. A single server can support 6,000 clients located across the globe. The 20KB bandwidth consumption makes it easy to implement over slow or congested links. The small 1.6 MB agent provides a complete solution that is easy to deploy. A single agent provides: Remote support, Asset Management, Software licensing, software deployment, system control, System Security, and more. With StarCat, the challenges of deploying large-scale computer management systems have been eliminated. Main features include:

Intelligent Inventory
StarCat automatically gathers information about your IT environment and situation. This information can be used to make efficient purchasing decisions and better strategic IT plans. View and manipulate information with StarCat’s Management Dashboard, change alerts, structure queries and customizable reports.

Effective Software Deployment
StarCat helps to eliminate the inefficient and error-prone process of manual application installation and software updates. StarCat will ensure all IT systems, local and remote, are secure and up-to-date.

Less Resource Consumption
StarCat operation is efficient and gentle on your valuable resources. It is less taxing on CPU consumption and network bandwidth. The remote control feature is adjustable to suit available connection speeds. The software distribution feature supports throttling and cascading to ensure efficient use of resources.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
StarCat delivers functionality without requiring excessive expenditure on upgraded infrastructure. A single PC class StarCat server can support up to 6,000 clients. System maintenance is simpler and faster because of the small agent size and low server/client ratio.

Remote Management
Extend the range and collaboration of your staff with StarCat’s powerful remote management capabilities. StarCat allows a number of administrators to work smarter and faster on issues anywhere within your environment. Multiple remote management consoles make it easy for administrators to control and monitor issues simultaneously, no matter where they are.

Integrated Value with Security Solutions
StarCat can be integrated with various security solutions to prevent unauthorized access to your corporate network.

Stable and Productive Environment
StarCat can be used to deliver a stable and productive IT environment with scheduled critical patch updates, removing unwanted programs and applying policies to control user behavior that may pose potential security risks to your organization. StarCat allows you to monitor your entire computer network from one centralized location and provides a graphical display of your network connected computers.