Exinda delivers innovative WAN Optimization and Network Control solutions to mid-sized enterprises and institutions around the world. Thousands of customers rely on Exinda to meet their application service level agreements (SLAs) and control the way WAN and Internet resources are consumed. Exinda is different. We take an intelligent approach to application SLA assurance and network control, which is critical in modern networks that span many devices, clouds and countries.

Exinda provides:

  • Rich Layer 7 visibility into all applications and sites using network resources.
  • Ready-to-use policies that dynamically allocate and restrict bandwidth based on applications, sites and users.
  • Actionable reporting to help you see what sites, users and applications are consuming network resources and remediate problems faster
  • Easy installation and an intuitive user experience built for pragmatic network administrators.
  • Seamless integration with Exinda’s WAN Optimization Suite for complete application assurance.

More than 2,500 customers in 80 countries have chosen Exinda. Learn more about how Exinda can help you.