InfoExpress provides network security solutions that enhance productivity and security through better visibility, improved security, and automating device and mobile access to the network.

Hundreds of security conscious-organizations use InfoExpress products to secure their networks, data and client information. InfoExpress’ solutions have been deployed at hundreds of organizations of all sizes throughout the world.

Securing and protecting your organization’s users and resources is a complex task that requires the right tools to fit your needs. Security solutions are not a one-size-fits-all proposition and an organization must take great care in determining its requirements. For many, the influx of consumer devices (BYOD) has become a real wake-up call.

The InfoExpress CGX NAC platform offers solutions to various pressing issues facing CxOs and IT staff today.

  • Lower risk by seeing what’s on the network, who’s using it, and where they are located.
  • Provide guests limited access to your network through self-registration or sponsored access.
  • Enable and streamline employee BYOD to increase productivity without sacrificing control.
  • Leverage your investment in a corporate MDM solution by integrating mobile device control into your network.
  • Enforce compliance, flag suspicious activity for review and block prohibited activities from one central console.