Large-scale information breaches often begin with an attacker exploiting a single external vulnerability on a low-level system, and then capitalizing on privileges to gain access to critical systems and data.


BeyondInsight delivers a comprehensive view of the vulnerabilities that provide doors into an environment, as well as the privileges that present corridors to sensitive assets. The security team benefits from being able to correlate vulnerability information with user activity, while IT gains a clearer view of how privilege policies impact overall security.


This fusion of asset and user intelligence enables IT and Security to collectively reduce risk across complex environments.


BeyondInsight Empowers IT and Security Teams to …


• Discover network, web, mobile, cloud and virtual infrastructure

• Profile asset configuration and access risk potential

• Detect applications and OS functions that require administrator privileges

• Manage access to admin and root privileges across all infrastructure

• Identify vulnerabilities enterprise-wide

• Reveal critical user, account and asset risks previously hidden in diverse data sets

• Analyze threat potential, return on remediation, and more

• Remediate vulnerabilities through integrated patch management

• Report on vulnerabilities, compliance, benchmarks, and more

• Protect endpoints from client-side attacks


Available in software and hardware appliance formats, BeyondInsight integrates two foundational security methodologies:


Privileged Account Management

enforces and audits access control policies by enabling IT to limit access to key systems, applications and data.


Vulnerability Management

enables Security to assess risk, measure breach likelihood, and make remediation recommendations.


With BeyondInsight, IT and Security teams have a single, contextual lens through which to view user and asset risk. This clear, consolidated risk profile enables proactive, joint decision-making while ensuring that daily operations are guided by common goals for risk reduction.


BeyondInsight customers also gain a centralized reporting and analytics platform that provides IT and business leaders with visibility into the real risks facing their organizations, while demonstrating the efficacy of risk reduction efforts enterprise-wide.