Unconstrained Carrier Ethernet Access and Backhaul Services

The world is moving to a packet-based future and Carrier Ethernet (CE) rules. CE has become the preferred technology to deliver business services, mobile backhaul services and to replace legacy SONET/SDH technology. The ADVA FSP 150 family of products is an intelligent CE access and backhaul solution that integrates seamlessly into any CE OAM landscape. Etherjack™ technology enables service providers to provide intelligent service assurance, test and measurement. Ultrafast, hardware-based processing performs accurate and dependable SLA verification. Likewise, Syncjack™ technology enables timing distribution with monitoring, testing and sync service assurance.

What FSP 150 Family brings to your service


To sell bandwidth services you must first be able to isolate your customer’s network from your own. FSP 150 demarcation products provide clear isolation between network domains, while providing real-time performance monitoring with hardware-based timestamp accuracy that makes scalable Service Level Agreement (SLA) reporting possible.

Shaping and Policing

When offering bandwidth services, customer premises equipment may burst packets or briefly exceed set limits. FSP 150 products independently shape and police Ethernet service offerings. The shaping function smooths incoming packet bursts for maximum utilization of available uplink. The policing function rate limits and re-marks packets according to MEF-certified UNI/ENNI hierarchical QOS bandwidth profiles.

In-service Monitoring and Alarming

First awareness of a network outage should not be a call from the customer. A service provider should be continuously monitoring the health of their service. FSP 150 products allow real-time, in-service monitoring of network performance that goes beyond “is the network up or down”, including threshold crossing alarms for every monitored value and cloud based reporting that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.





With FSP 150 built-in timing features, a best-in-class synchronization service can be offered simultaneously over the same Ethernet service, thus unlocking new revenue opportunities such as value-added mobile backhaul services. Not only are SyncE & 1588v2 distributed, in-depth test, measurement, and monitoring of the sync are also provided.

End-to-end Carrier Ethernet

The benefits of CE should not be limited to the last link in your network. The FSP 150 product family scales from access to aggregation, providing a cohesive distribution system, allowing a Service Provider to build an end-to-end CE network, thus pushing their expensive IP routers further toward the core.